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Our brands

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All the fun you will find in your smartphone on a daily basis... not the fake ones, no, the real emoticons you use every day translated into your products. Based on the latest trends and never a dull moment. Everything is possible and all this based on fair terms, no sticky procedures, quick processes and loads of trend updates.

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RESPONSIBLE HAPPINESS! That’s what the Ojo animals are about. This bunch of cool animals are living as friends in a fantasy world, knowing the real world is not like that at all. That’s why they would like to contribute to more awareness to create a better tomorrow. We’re the first responsible kids brand that’s cool, colourful AND sustainable. Everything is allowed as long as it’s sustainable and/or responsible. Being sustainable is not the same as being boring, it’s just different! Ojo is a brand that believes in partnerships, because we know we can not make the change alone. Only as a team we can make the change happen! #SHARINGISCARING!


We are Trashcode®... Creating a new lifestyle while embracing a new way of living. Just start making impact to turn the fast fashion and entertainment industry into a greener place, with the ultimate goal of being the sustainable standard within this industry. To become the sustainable standard we have a clear objective ‘’on HOW’’ to realize this: 100% sustainable products in 2028 and 100% circulair in 2035. #BECAUSEWECARE

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FUN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS! Belly Surprise is a collection of animals in and around the house made of soft sustainable materials. Each animal comes with 2 babies as a surprise in her belly.